the Islands of Loreto

The Islands of Loreto

Off of the beautiful Sea of Cortez the Islands of Loreto is the perfect location to lounge and take in the amazing wild life surrounding the Island. Take a glance through the transparent sea water at the vibrant reefs, witness the schools of fish swimming by experiencing the house an underwater spectacle of marine life. The Islands of Loreto boasts Mexico's largest marine preserve where dolphins, seals, turtles and sea lions all play in the sea. The underwater animal life alone rivals that of any world class aquarium. Along with Loreto’s relaxing ambience and beautiful sea life the land leaves you for great adventures to take part in as well.

Activities in Loreto:

  •  Snorkeling Tour

  •  Sunset Tour

  •  Coronado Island Tour

  •  Scuba Diving

  •  Kayaking

  •  Reef Tour

  •  Mountain Bike Tour